“If you are a service based entrepreneur or a coach who is looking to authentically grow your business online, I highly recommend Ashlee as your coach. She helped me to structure my content and my program that truly attracted my ideal client so that I could easily and effectively sell my program online. She not only was there for me 100%, but she provided me with emotional support through the entire program. As well as helped guide me in all areas where I needed the most help. If you are looking to grow your business, I highly recommend you reach out to Ashlee about her program.

- Mary L.

“Thank you so much for working with me… I feel so inspired to apply all advice. Definitely spreading the word on how important it is to get a professional’s help!”

- Stephanie @pishposhlove

“I just have to say that your hashtag advice to me has done AMAZING things for me!! The last week I’ve been doing more hashtags but haven’t really researched too many and I’ve had so many new followers, comments and likes. It feels great to be finally getting something from my posts!”

- Lynette

“Ashlee is a dedicated entrepreneur that excels in every area of her media management business. She is a breath of fresh air to the social media scene and bestows amazing content for her clients and followers. Not only does she provide you with creativity and professionalism, she works alongside you to ensure your ideas unfold perfectly to your standards. I highly recommend Ashlee MacDouell Media for all of your business/company needs!”

- Carly W.

“Simply put, Ashlee was a breath of fresh air. Not only did she reassure me that my content strategy and ideas are the right way to go about running my business, but also exploring new thoughts and ideas that I didn’t think of for me to level up my content and marketing strategy. I highly recommend working with Ashlee, she is AMAZING and I tell all my clients about her. I can’t get enough of her.”

- Maria M.