Is your Instagram bio good enough?

Your bio is your opportunity to grab someone’s interest and tell them all about you. It’s also your opportunity to show them how to buy/order/learn from you.

Instagram Bio Tips

If your Instagram bio just has your website and maybe your hours/job title - that’s not enough. People decide in less than 10 seconds if they want to follow you -- you need to tell them what you are all about!
First, start with your name. You have your “handle” (ex. @ashleemacdouellmedia) and then you have your name. USE your name to your full advantage. Don’t just put “Ashlee” - use this space to your advantage to improve your SEO on instagram, as well as include more about you. Mine currently says “Ashlee | Social Media Manager.” Not only does this help in search, but when I follow people, it comes up under my handle letting them know what I do.

Try to include:

Spell it out for them. It shouldn’t overwhelm people, but it should summarize your business, tell them what is UNIQUE about you, and help them buy from you/visit your shop.

NEXT: Say something unique about your business - does your restaurant source all of the ingredients within your country/county? Does your shop have the largest legging selection in your state? Are you a photographer specializing in LGBTQ weddings and boudoir? Are you the only hotel with a pool in your zip code?

Review your bio again one more time. Is there too much info? Not enough? Does it say something unique about YOU (if you are a personal brand) or YOUR BUSINESS? Have a friend read it over to make sure you have everything you need. Now review your links - and you’re set!