Top 7 amazon picks for baby

Happy Prime Day! 

Quick post featuring my favourite products available on amazon! I'm a prime member and it is soo worth it especially when you have kids. We subscribe and save to diapers too! I compiled this list to pass along to a couple friends who are expecting their first but figured I'd add in some links and post it here! I had no idea what I would need, I learned by talking to a few mama friends and my sister, and reading blogs! I split this into two parts - this one is just for baby and I'll be doing a "mama essentials" post soon!

What you end up using and needing varies from family to family but this is what I found most useful!!

This post contains affiliate links. I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. These links help me with the costs associated with the blog at no extra cost to you. 

That being said, these are all items I personally use and have selected on my own. I will never promote products I haven't tried and liked!  

Graco Pack n' Play


We still use this once a month for Ashton, and have recently added another one so we have one for both boys. This was a lifesaver and I cannot recommend it enough! We had Ashton in our room for the first 5 months and he could sleep in here (using the basinette part not the napper) and we had the change pad attached for quick middle of the night changes if needed. He was close by which is recommended anyways but also helped me because I was recovering from a c section  Now we're doing the same with Harrison. . 

Later, we use it to pack up and visit Ashton's grandparents or if we are going somewhere for the day so he has somewhere safe and familiar to sleep! It's so easy to pack up, we love it. 






Weleda baby bum cream


This stuff is awesome for day to day rashes! A little goes a long way and one tube lasted us months and months (we don't apply all the time just when needed). It was one of the things I made sure to order before having Harrison.

 Original Sprout Baby Wash & Cream  


I LOVE a deal and saving money but this is something I splurge on for the first little while for baby that is gentle on their skin. Plus it smells SO good. Very light scent and perfect for if you're someone with a low scent household. This is a link to a set that includes the baby wash and the scrumptious baby cream and a little comb! Again, a little goes a long way so this lasts a while.

White noise machine


Do you like sleep? Saaaaaame. Trust me on this one. Need. Drowns out extra noise, signals sleep time for baby, etc. The womb is actually very loud and having this constant noise is very soothing for babies. We've used this every night and for naps with both boys. 

Receiving blankets



Again. Trust me on this one. Get some and then buy some more. This one in particular is a pack of 7. We were lucky to get some extras as hand-me-downs from my sister and I'm so glad to have the extras!

(Milk everywhere!)

Naturebond Silicone Breast Pump/Suction


For breastfeeding mamas

I really like this! I hate lugging my pump out especially since I'm home all the time with Harrison, but I like to have a small stash going for if I need to go out. You can suction this to the other breast that you're not feeding on and catch any let down, or you can use this to relieve some engorgement! 

Boba 4G Soft Structured Carrier


This is amazing. I can't say enough good things about this. I've tried wraps and slings and enjoyed a stretchy wrap in the beginning but this is really good for 7lbs-45lbs. It's good for newborns-toddlers, front or back carries and has great pockets too. It takes one minute to put on and so simple when out and about. My husband has also used it and liked it! 



That's it for this round up!!