A little about me...

Hi I'm Ashlee.  I'm a mama, daughter, wife, sister, and friend. I'm an entrepreneur at heart (started my first business at 15 as a photographer - I was booking shoots and weddings by 16). I've been constantly looking for direction in my life in terms of my career and am so excited to be running my social media management business.

I have one son, a crazy blondie boy named Ashton and another on the way (that will make two under two!).  

I love love food, I cook dinner every night except for one night a week (we'll do something easy like grilled cheese). If I'm alone, I can usually be found watching a food/chef documentary on Netflix... Currently that is "Ugly Delicious" with Chef David Chang.  

I have/have had some health issues (mental and physical) including anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, and celiac disease. I am very very thankful for strength and support which helped me through my mental health issues and for medications and diet modifications that help me manage my physical health issues. 


I talk way too much. I won't say more. 


I love sharing helpful and high quality product finds, delicious food and my favourite things with anyone who will listen. And I love finding a deal.


I love being in nature and really, really don't do it enough (take me back to the mountains)! In fact, I have one tattoo that I got with my sister that for me is meant to serve as a reminder to get the f outside.

My husband Brandon and I, have been a constant in each other's lives since highschool, even though we spent more than half of our first 6 years together long distance.  We celebrate 10 years together and 4 years of marriage this summer. 


These are just a few of the things that make me, me.... But I'll stop talking, for now. Ha. 


 - Xo Ashlee

photo:  Oak & Myrrh