Ashlee MacDouell Media - Family 2018

It all started when…

I started a photography business when I was in high school.

I was using all of my free time on weekends doing photoshoots and editing, and my summers were often full of photoshoots as well. Now, I’m a social media manager and a website designer who LOVES to work with passionate entrepreneurs looking to build up their online presence.

I’ve been managing social media accounts and running facebook ads since Google AdWords was really the only focus of everyone else. I’m talking Facebook circa 2010 when hardly anyone was making use of/making money from running facebook ads (I’ve also been building websites since the piczo[dot]com days…. anyone remember?)

I’m a mother to two of the sweetest boys. I love travelling, food, tea and binge watching How I Met Your Mother for the 8th time and I’d love to hear from you about all your business goals, hopes and dreams. Let’s chat.