My story

I’m a mother to two of the sweetest boys. I love travelling,
food, tea and binge watching How I Met Your Mother or The Office for the 8th time. Here’s my story…

Social Media Coach Ashlee

It all started when…

I was commuting 2 hours a day and barely saw my oldest son. It broke my heart. I was being hurt by the things I was seeing and experiencing at my job. I was crying at least once a week because I was so miserable.

What I was doing wasn’t in alignment with what I was meant to do - I started my entrepreneurial journey at 15 - then thought a “real job” would be better - in reality I should have stuck with being my own boss and finding my passion!

SO, when I went on my second maternity leave I vowed to never look back.

Then I thought I would run a dayhome while I took my business further (aka fear).
I finally realized I needed to let go of my safety net.

This was the SCARIEST decision I have ever made to jump all in, make the decision to take my business full time.

And then I made an even scarier decision to invest in a business coach.
I let go of a stable, well paying job.
I let go of the potential to make up that income by staying home with my kids and taking more kids in.
I invested money we didn't have in a business coach.

But I did it anyways because now... I'm home with my kids most of the time AND I surpassed the monthly income I was making at my 9-5.
I'm outsourcing so I can better care for me, my family, and my business.

I feel so free.
I'm helping my clients have more FREEDOM.
They are losing the uncertainty around their businesses.
They feel RELAXED because they know they're learning how to use social media EFFECTIVELY for their business with my help.

And a little (BIG) bonus... they're happy to have someone on their team who isn't just their coach - but also a friend.

Who I work with…

I work with entrepreneurs who are driven, committed and so READY to take their
business to the next level through social media.

They are:

  • Heart centred and help others

  • Decisive: the women I work with are ready to say YES to making this shift!

  • Coachable: They take my ideas and give them a try - they trust I have their best interests at heart, and sometimes the challenges I put out are difficult - but they give it a shot and we make shifts from there!

  • Committed: Social media and business is a long game that requires consistency and dedication to the things I coach you on - show up, do the work and you WILL see results.

  • Resourceful: The women I work with make shit happen NO MATTER WHAT. They find the resources needed to transform their business.

I work with service based women in business who are ready to make the shift to attracting dream clients.

Not ready to commmit?

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