social media management
& web design

Helping professionals develop their web presence so you can create
meaningful connections with your communities and clients.

Ashlee MacDouell Media creates and develops your web presence by setting up and managing social media profiles, curating original social media content, running ad campaigns and guiding you through your own social media strategy.



Almost everyone can be found on social media in all demographics - it is imperative that you and your business are able to provide value and connection within your community.

Ashlee MacDouell Media believes in creating meaningful content to connect with and nurture your community. Your personality and your service goals will always be kept in mind in order to connect you with your best suited clients. Let's help them find you! 



Founder of Ashlee MacDouell Media and entrepreneur at heart (I started my first business at 15!) I'm a wife, a mom of two, and always want to be on the go. 

I am a former photographer turned Alberta-based Social Media Manager (but I work with clients all over!) specializing in working with businesses to target new customers, develop an engaged community, and create a strong social media presence. 

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